Northeast Communications Group

Integrating technology for a connected world.



Relying on our years of experience in navigating through the maze of underground utilities and avoiding costly mistakes. Our internal staff and trusted partners can provide:

• Directional Boring - Trenchless technology ideal for paved and landscaped areas

• Excavating, Backhoe, and Trenching

• Direct Buried Cable

• Complete Conduit Manhole Systems

• Blown-in Fiber Installation

• Handhold Placing

• Split Steel Cable Protection

• Conduit Rodding and Verification

• Locating and Marking of Existing Utilities – Using GPS Coordinates

• Video documentation of existing
conduit systems

• General Construction

• Road Cutting & Repairing

• Repair of Existing Damaged and/or Clogged Conduit Systems

• Fiber optic and copper backbone cabling